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Bad weather in our country makes it very easy for the exterior of your property to become covered in dirt, grime and algae and if left untreated can start to cause damage to your buildings substrate.
At scottblast we specialise in all aspects of exterior building cleaning. Our team of experts are highly trained in safely restoring your buildings exterior to its original glory from Commercial buildings to Bungalows. We also clean listed heritage properties.

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    Soft Washing

    Soft washing gives best results when used on exterior surfaces such as coloured renders and powder coated cladding. Ideal for use on walls and roofs, both pitched and flat. EPDM single ply membrane roofs come up like new when soft washed treated.

    Disinfecting your building on the outside rather than blasting it with high powered water jets will give you the very best results. SoftWashing sanitises all types of surfaces so they are truly clean cyanobacteria’s moss and mould removal is guaranteed when a Soft Wash Disinfectant is used for building cleaning.

    Soft Washing treats K-Rend, Parex, Weber, Monocouche, Plastisol Type Cladding, Membrane Roofs, Roof Tiles and ensures these surfaces stay cleaner for long periods of time.

    When you want the very best treatment for your buildings exterior cleaning project, Soft Washing will give you the results you are looking for. Longevity of the clean will keep cleaning costs down as less frequent cleaning will be needed.

    Soft Washing chemicals are designed to be safe for the environment and are Low VOC, they also meet Good Stewards standards.

    Benefits of Softwashing K-Render

    SCOTTBLASTΒ will prevent exterior render damage occurring to your properties K-Rendered Surfaces whilst being cleaned, no high pressure is used.Β When you want the highest quality care for your building, SoftWashing will give you the very best cleaning results – Guaranteed!Β The great British weather over recent years has been extremely warm and wet during winter months, algae, moss and other organic matter have been thriving on K Rendered Surfaces which can cause serious damage to the render if left uncleaned. Softwashing is often the best answer to ensure a cost effective render cleaning solution for you. In some cases we can clean high level render safely from the ground using our Render Cleaning Machine to precision spray the affected K Render surfaces.

    We offer Free test sample cleans in most cases throughout Western Scotland, further afield may incur travel costs.


    Doff steam cleaning is probably the safest way to clean any substrate without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned. SCOTTBLAST can Doff steam clean your building or other surfaces. We can offer fast Doff steam cleaning quotations and speedy services for all existing clients and new enquiries. Call 01475 731724Β to arrange your site survey now.

    Stone Doff Steam Cleaning should be undertaken by experienced exterior building cleaning companies who understand safe working practices. Different types of stone require different levels of expertise and we carefully teach how to clean hard and soft stone cleaning techniques so our operatives understand what is the difference when cleaning Granite Stone or Sand Stone.

    We strive to be the very best Doff steam cleaning company in the UK. Each of our vans are kitted out with the latest equipment to enable us to Doff steam clean stone and brick quickly and easily. Our employees have CSCS, IPAF & PASMA training to ensure all Doff steam cleaning works are carried out efficiently and safely.

    Blue chip companies and facilities managers looking for an exterior Doff Steam Cleaning Company choose SCOTTBLAST for their Doff Steam Cleaning requirements on buildings throughout Scotland. Our Doff cleaning teams have worked on many doff stone cleaning projects to many large commercial buildings. Doff cleaning is highly specialised and there are many UK companies claiming to use doff equipment when they use hot pressure washers instead.

    Our Doff cleaning team recently carried out Doff stone cleaning to the Campbell Dallas HQ at Titanium 1 Business park at Braehead. The concrete render cleaning which looks amazing due to the Doff Integra machines used to gently steam clean the whole facade the amazing results can be seen here.

    Raymond Harvey – facilities manager at Campbell Dallas:

    Β β€œI am delighted with the outcome of our building clean, the clean was well overdue and has made the property look like new. Scott Blast were very professional and completed the work to an extremely high standard, working round our own hours of work to minimise disruption. I was particularly pleased with the extra effort put in to areas of the building that had visibly bad staining in an attempt to remove this. I would recommend Scott Blast to anyone considering having a building cleaned down.” 


    Doff Steam Cleaning equipment has been around for a great number of years. Doff is a portable super heated steam cleaning machine used on all types of exterior building surfaces. The Doff steam cleaning operator MUST be trained by Stonehealth who offer the trainee the Rosette Award for the best Doff operators and companies whom they work for. These machines are not available to hire as they are extremely difficult to operate and maintain correctly and should therefore only be used by Doff trainedΒ personal.

    We carefully and gently remove all types of organic and man made stains using a Doff and we offer you the following services:

    • Stone Steam Cleaning
    • Render steam Cleaning
    • Brick Steam Cleaning
    • Concrete Steam CleaningΒ 
    • Metal Steam Cleaning
    • Paint Removal from all types of exterior surfaces

    The benefits of using super heated steam on your buildings cleaning project is the fact that no harsh pressure is used to clean the substrate and therefore no damage can occur. The Doff steam cleaner is the only machine Scottish Heritage approve for use on its buildings and for good reason.

    When cleaning is taking place you will notice the Doff steam cleaner is fairly quiet under normal working conditions which is really good not only for the Doff operators but the customer too.​

    The Doff is an extremely expensive piece of equipment compared to say a cold water pressure washer and creates steam by heating up the water using Kerosene as a clean burning fuel. You should not compare building cleaning quotations where the cleaning company have incorrectly chosen to use a cold water pressure washer as the work will definitely not be to the same high standard a Doff steam cleaning company will offer you.

    We offer free test sample cleans in most cases throughout Western Scotland, further afield may incur travel costs.


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