Exterior Cleaning

At Scott Blast we use 3 different mobile systems to clean buildings.


We use the micro strip trailered soda blast system which can strip coatings, remove paint from a variety of surfaces including stone, brick, metal, wood and UPVC. Soda crystals are delivered at low pressure high velocity. The soda is soft soluble abrasive and when used correctly will not damage the most sensitive surface. Examples: Cleaning smoke damaged timbers.


Doff is a steam based stone cleaning system which can achieve temperatures of 150 C at the nozzle, this enables the removal of Carbon Algae and paint. The Doff System is usually specified for work on historic or listed buildings. We at Scott Blast are a Rossette approved contractor of its manufactures Stone health. This system is best for cleaning sandstone, K-rendering and roughcast.


We have a variety of Jet Washing machines which work at pressures of 100psi up to 5000psi which are used to clean driveways and some timber deckings.


Softwash is a low pressure cleaning system witch uses chemicals to clean any surface and remove stains from buildings such as K-render and rouchcast. Softwash is also a great method for roof cleaning because of the low pressure and you don’t need to stand on the roofs to get them clean witch lowers the risk of broken tiles.

Raymond Harvey – facilities manager at Campbell Dallas:

 “I am delighted with the outcome of our building clean, the clean was well overdue and has made the property look like new. Scott Blast were very professional and completed the work to an extremely high standard, working round our own hours of work to minimise disruption. I was particularly pleased with the extra effort put in to areas of the building that had visibly bad staining in an attempt to remove this. I would recommend Scott Blast to anyone considering having a building cleaned down.” 

Scott Blast

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