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As a nationwide cladding painting contractor we can complete a colour change as part of a rebranding project or an element of a planned maintenance programme, our cladding painting operatives can offer a solution to refurbishing existing cladding. We work closely with building maintenance and construction companies as well as the end client to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining strict health and safety standards. Our Paint Sprayers hold PASMA and IPAF cards.

When a company requests our cladding spraying service, we will liaise closely with the client throughout the following stages:


If necessary, the site will be surveyed by one of our estimating team. Occasionally, they will be joined by representatives of our paint suppliers who will visit depending on the size and complexity of the project. The areas to be looked at will be:

* The condition of the existing substrate.

* Access needs.


After our initial survey we will forward our recommendations to the client which will include:

* Materials that are to be used for cladding spraying and paint product data sheets will be sent. It is vital that the correct specification is offered at this stage to ensure optimum adhesion and maximum life expectancy when paint is applied.

* Access arrangements.

* A quotation to carry out the necessary spraying works.


Once the project has been ordered by the client we will be in continued contact with them and the following will be issued:ย 

* Site-specific risk assessments, method statements and COSHH sheets will be produced for the planned spraying prior to commencement on site.

* Timetable of work will be agreed with the client.


If you would like to give your business premises an instant lift, SCOTTBLAST also offer cladding cleaning services, specialising in the cleaning of windows, soffits and fascias with teams based throughout Scotland.

Cladding can quickly become covered in dust and grime leaving it looking dirty and stained. This can ultimately lead to discolouration and corrosion which can damage the substrate and ultimately, the building.


All sorts of industrial buildings are cladded with large expanses of corrugated metal which can appear tatty if they arenโ€™t maintained properly. The original powder coating can flake off or fade and this not only looks unattractive, it can ultimately affect the structure of the metal substrate. This can mean that damp seeps into the building leading to expensive construction repairs. Rust and corrosion of metal cladding are problems that can be remedied by SCOTTBLAST Coatings before a fresh top coat is a spray applied.

A new coating sprayed onto cladding will result in a uniform finish that will give the whole building a new lease of life. The top layer will also make the cladding panels last much longer and will mean that the metalwork will not need to be replaced for years to come. A single elevation can be recoated if it has weathered more quickly than other faรงades or the whole building can be re-sprayed. Sometimes a few commercial units on an industrial estate are refurbished by us in one go for a consistent look.

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